Glowing Performances in the Extravaganza

Students with special needs put on stellar performances in the Holiday Extravaganza

By Bailee Columber

“I am going to be dancing in the glow dance and I am so excited. It is my favorite dance and I love doing it at the extravaganza,” said sophomore Christopher Tolmie excitedly.

In this year’s annual Holiday Extravaganza, stellar performances were once again put on by all different students. Sophomore Logan Scruggs opened the show with “Alone in the Universe” with Caroline Sadler, sophomore Riley Clark sang “Wake Me Up,” and the adaptive P.E. class put on a unique glow stick dance to “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.”

In addition to all these superb performances, a unified basketball game took place in the North Gym that Steven Bailey coached leading up to this game.
“I think it was great to see everyone come out to support those guys. I truly enjoyed bringing traditional athletes with my athletes and have all the population of the school be able to see that culture. I think that is amazing not only for the kids but for the school,” said Mr. Bailey.

Just like any game, competition, or performance, it takes hours of practice and dedication to get to where they are by the point of the big day. Senior Samantha King, one of the peer students in the class Adaptive P.E. class, and Physical Education teacher Ms. Thompson helped them prep each class for this opportunity.

“They are just like everyone else. They practiced the glow stick dance for five classes, and spent a lot of time practicing their songs,” said Ms.  Thompson.

The purpose for this year’s extravaganza was to raise money to build a new field for students with challenged abilities. The Miracle League hits close to home for students with special needs as they will be some of the many people who get use out of the field.

“This year is especially cool to see them performing because the cause is helping them. It is very rewarding working with these students and gives you so many different experiences with different people,” said King.


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