Adopt, Don’t Shop: Cat Edition

About a month ago, I wrote a blog describing shelter dogs, how people can help them, and even gave suggestions on adoptable dogs. While shelter dogs seem to be everywhere, so are shelter cats. With these cats comes the same concepts as shelter dogs: they’re lovable, adorable, and need a home. Personally, I am a dog person but the idea of any animal being euthanized, is a concept I can’t think about without shedding a tear. Since 3.4 million cats are in shelters, and not everyone is a dog person, here are some local cats and kittens up for adoption in Connecticut.


Billy is four years old, short-haired cat, and was left on the streets by the owner. He is already neutered, and would prefer a house with no animals and an experienced cat owner. Billy is super sweet, a bit nervous, and loves affection. You can find him on



At four months old, this kitten is looking for her forever home. Tilly is a quiet yet lovable cat, who needs to be adopted with one of her siblings. She has been spayed, fully vaccinated, and I’m sure she would be a great addition to any adult home.



A tiny white patch on her chest gives her the name Star, and I’m sure she’d be the light of your life! Star is on a special diet, but adores affection and playing with other cats. She needs a quiet home with someone who can take care of her in her last year, as she is 15 years old.




For his short life, Milo has lived mostly on the streets fending for himself. However, he is an affectionate cat who especially loves belly rubs. Like most shelter cats, Milo needs time to adjust to new surroundings, but once he is comfortable, he’ll be your new best friend.



Rex Ranger

Listen, this cutie caught my attention and now I am begging someone to adopt him. Rex is very timid around men, and would be better with a female caretaker for the next few years of his life. He can be around men, but he does get very nervous with them around. Rex Ranger loves attention and within no time he’ll be cuddling with his new owner.



Another kitten, Chester is four months old and is looking for his forever home. Despite having bowel issues, Chester takes his medications well and his disease doesn’t stop his love for head scratches. Being a light buff color, Chester is sure to bring lots of positive energy in your life.



Just look at that sass. Sebastian is six years old and is “mellow, laid back, sweet, and affectionate.” He loves calm children that can play and give him the attention he needs. Since he loves the spotlight, Sebastian cannot be around dogs. He’s such a cutie and a lovable cat, will you adopt him?




Tara and her sister Tina (not pictured), have been looking for a home for over a year. The pair are extremely good with other cats, dogs, and children. Their foster mom says that Tara and Tina love cuddling, playing with laser pointers, and are extremely affectionate. Both cats are ideal in any home, so get to adopting East Lyme!

All except Tara can be found on Tara is available at

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