New Year, New Me: Types of People

By Julia Walker


This is the person who loves all things food. Whether it is lunch, in-between classes or after school, you can spot them munching on a snack pretty much anywhere in the school.


-Don’t walk down the hallway near culinary anymore. The smells of baked foods wafting into the hall will compel you to run into the kitchen and steal all of the chocolate chip  cookies.
-Pack only healthy snacks, like carrots.
– Avoid sitting near the vending machines at lunch; it is almost impossible to resist the broad variety of ice creams, chips, popcorn, and more.



This student has to stay in shape through the entire school year while still balancing school and extracurricularsIMG_7975. After school, you can almost always find them doing some sort of work out.

– Stay fit between seasons by doing at-home exercises. No weights at home? Use your textbooks.
– Keep hydrated throughout the year by getting a reusable water bottle and refilling it multiple times a day.
– To warm up for practice, sprint around the school collecting lost pencils on the ground. This way, you can warm up and get some free school supplies.


This is the student that is seen speed-walking through the halls with an enormous backpack and a frantic expression on their face.
– Start yoga to calm down and take time to focus on yourself.
– Whenever you are feeling stressed because of school, do relaxing breathing exercises such as blowing into a paper bag.
– Buy a small plant to keep in your room or office and stare at it whenever you are stressed.
– Listen to classical music when you need to calm down after a busy day.


This person is often is in the library doing their homework last minute and is constantly losing their assignments and  pencils.
– Set reminders on your phone so you do not forget important tasks that need to get  done.
– Label binders and remember to hole punch all of the handouts you receive so you don’t lose them. Plan a day every week or month where you organize all of the binders and folders in your backpack.
– Set timers when doing homework assignments to get the work done in time.

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