New Year, New Diet?

When the new year rolls around, it seems like just about everyone’s resolution is a change in diet in a push to be healthier after big holiday dinners that leave everyone struggling to fit into their favorite jeans. Between veganism, vegetarianism, and cleanses knowing which path to follow in terms of dieting can be confusing for many.

By Gillian McMahon

For most people, eating well is challenging and when cleansing is added to the mix, things can literally get messy fast. Those partaking in cleanses choose to eat or drink extremely restrictively for a set amount of time. Trying to get in shape fast is the goal of cleanses, but afterwards people return to old habits that consist mainly of eating whatever, whenever. In a Survey Monkey poll, 50 percent of ELHS students admitted this, saying they go back on old habits after a cleanse.

A vegan diet is where one does not eat any animal products. Despite the seemingly daunting task, there are many benefits to becoming vegan including weight loss and becoming more environmentally friendly. Diets include elements like soy, grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Although there are benefits, vegans often have a harder time getting some vital nutrients like the vitamin B12, calcium, and iron, and must take supplements to  compensate.

Vegetarian diets exclude meats and other animal products. The diet is similar to vegans as it includes elements like lots of soy, grains, fruits, and vegetables but sources of protein like eggs and Greek yogurt are included. About seven percent of ELHS students polled identified as vegetarian. Some benefits of vegetarian diets are decreased health risks. However, there are challenges that come along with vegetarianism such as lifestyle change and social differences when it comes to eating  out.


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