Hidden Gem of the Art Department

Students see art as lifestyle rather than  class

by: Kristie Gong

In the back corner of ELHS, there’s a small class of talented students who excel in art, specializing in a variety of mediums such as pottery or animation. Spectacular pieces created by the students are rightfully displayed around the school, mostly in the commons.
“[Although this class can be hard to teach,] I wouldn’t give it up for the world,” said AP Art teacher of 16 years, Rachel Michaud.

AP Art Student Senior Erin Collinge works delicately on a piece.

There is an ample amount of work that goes into AP Art, stated both Ms. Michaud and Ap Art student, Erin Collinge. Students do a range of projects. A year-long tree project they are doing is comprised of research and sketching. They conduct research on artist Sandra Allen, take a picture of a tree, and then sketch it. they also have smaller pieces like their current project, which is to paint on strange objects, like refrigerator doors and fences.
The recommended prerequisites for AP Art consist of completing two or three foundation art classes like Intro to 2D Art and Ceramics. However, students can still join without the prerequisites by creating a portfolio of their pieces and handing them to Ms. Michaud for a background and foundation check.

One of many OCs Senior Tina Wang has created

Senior AP Art student Tina Wang, has multiple pieces in the glass displays at the main entrance of the school. She enjoys drawing in a semi-realistic style.
Over time, Wang has found a deep meaning in original characters, also known as OCs, through her drawings.
“I kind of implicate character traits that I wish to have,” said Wang.
There can be deeper meanings in art whether it was intentional or not. Making it look realistic and practical, but still having an unrealistic or abstract touch. Semi-realism is typically either drawings of people or animals. In drawing OCs, you try to make a person that is almost godly or even the opposite, a villain.
Senior AP Art students, Hannah Scheyder and Collinge, share Wang’s love for the art.
Like Wang, Collinge is also a fan of semi-realism art. Collinge finds art therapeutic. In the future, Collinge states, she would like to go into the field of tech-art.
Nature and human emotion are her inspiration for art. Her art displays a hidden side of herself, that no one else would see without it.
“I think it is a good way to represent yourself without a need for explanation,” said Collinge.
Scheyder, a fellow AP Art student, loves art for its ability to capture the beauty of life.
Her brother, Jacob Scheyder, is the driving force and inspiration for her artistic abilities. Hannah has learned from her brother, an artist as well, techniques for art.

Copy of FullSizeRender-7
Senior Hannah Scheyder works on a project

“My art captures the parts of my life that mean the most [to me], moments of beauty in nature, [happiness in friends] or moments of peace in the complexity of everyday life,” said Scheyder.

The real lesson of art is to communicate and understand the piece. Moments when a student finally understands a piece is what brings joy to not only the others, but the artist themselves as well.


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