A Delicious World of Donuts

Bacon, PB&J, and key lime transform traditional glazed into unique, delectable donuts.

by: Ella Bradley

Maple Bacon
Covered in maple and crumbles of bacon, this donut offers a sweet, delicious taste bud experience that screams “breakfast.” “This is a yeast-raised donut, coated in maple and covered in bacon,” said Flanders worker, Allan Hobbs. The maple could stand alone as a sticky syrup-flavored frosting, but goes above and beyond to secure crunchy bits of fresh bacon, creating a perfect combination of sweet and salty.

Key Lime
Filled with key lime flavored creme, Flanders Donuts perfects key lime pie in donut form. “This donut is a yeast-raised shell donut, coated in sugar and filled with key lime,” said Hobbs. With the sugar coated topping, this donut takes this popular dessert to epic levels. The key lime filling in the donut is a unique way of combining flavors of classic donut and extravagant key  lime.

Lunch in a donut: the familiar and beloved sandwich of childhood adapted into donut form. “It’s a yeast-raised shell donut with raspberry jelly and coated with peanut butter,” said Hobbs. Airy light dough surrounds the jelly and with the peanut butter on top, it allows a balance of these delicious flavors. Classic yet creative.

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