Chucky’s Comeback is Championship Child’s Play

Super Bowl winning head coach, Jon Gruden, or “Chucky,” recently became the new head coach of the Oakland Raiders after signing the largest contract ever by a head coach: 10 years, 100 million. Money well spent for the Oakland Raiders.

Many are frowning upon paying someone who has not coached a NFL team in nine years more than possibly the greatest coach of all time, Bill Belichick, who makes about seven million. But what those people don’t realize is that Gruden changes everything for the Raiders.

His high energy, intense, even dirty style is what the Raiders represent most. Gruden’s nine years of analyzing quarterbacks on his show and doing homework for Monday Night Football has kept him more than ingrained in today’s game as he has kept detailed notes on every team.

Oakland’s weakness has consistently been defense; which is Gruden’s expertise, as he led one of the greatest defenses of all time to a dominant Super Bowl win in 2003. Gruden’s experience with quarterbacks will also take Derek Carr from good to great.

From the owner’s perspective the stadium will nearly always be sold out by the passionate Raiders fan base who simply adore Gruden. Gruden never had a losing season when he coached the Raiders in the late ‘90s to early 2000s. And if the not for the highly controversial tuck rule game against the Patriots, that Gruden today calls, “ a crock of sh*t”, he could have another Super Bowl.

With talent on both sides of the ball from Amari Cooper to Khalil Mack, Jon Gruden will have plenty to work with. And with Brady and Big Ben heading into an inevitable decline, a Super Bowl window could be opening up. You better believe it looks like child’s play for  Chucky’s Raiders.



Why would Jon Gruden possibly want to coach the Oakland Raiders?


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