Braiding Expands In My Hands

I’m always trying to think of ways to make money, whether it’s doing chores around the house, babysitting or even doing volunteer work in hopes of ending up with a job. Not having a licence makes it challenging to get to a consistent job.

When my sister and I went to the same school, every morning she would ask me to braid her hair. In second grade, I was only able to do a simple three strand braid. For a kindergartner, that exceeded her expectations. For me, it was just moderately satisfying. I constantly practiced on my American Girl doll, pushing to accomplish the ‘French Braid’ which incorporates the entire head of hair, embedding the braid from your hair line down until the end of your hair.

One Saturday, my stepmom and I spent the whole day learning as many types of braids as we could through YouTube. From there, I couldn’t stop practicing. I gave my sister a new braid everyday before school.

As I grew up, braiding lost importance to me until 8th grade when I began braiding the whole soccer teams’ hair before games. This trend lead into high school for volleyball games. The news spread by the common question: “Who did your hair”.

Sophomore year Spirit Week was where I really got a lot of people offering to pay for me to get their hair done. I probably did about 7 people’s hair in full cornrows in that week alone. It started by Nicole Galindo asking for me to do her entire hair of cornrows for color day. After posting a video, telling people to text me to do theirs, I ended up with over 15 requests. Some people I had to turn down because the length of their hair was no where near long enough. Following that week was Homecoming, I had Eliza Connolly come over for an up-do, and once I got to my friends house to get ready I proceeded to do and touch up my friends’ hair.

Not only do I love braiding, but it has made me money as well. The more complex and time consuming the braid is, the more it’ll cost. I never have anyone pay for just a simple braid, but if someone asks me to go over to give them corn rows or an up-do for an event, I may have them pay anywhere from $5-10. I love the challenge that people give me with different braids and patterns to try and do. YouTube was a great way of learning the basics for me, and of course ‘practice makes perfect’.

Homecoming Queen – Eliza Connolly
Senior – Nicole Galindo
Senior – Sage Baranski

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