Letting Go

Going through high school is kind of like entering the Twilight Zone. Personally, I don’t feel like time flows as well as it should. Some years seem like a drag race while others could get beaten by a snail in a race. In spite of this, my overall impression is that the good times went too fast and the bad times dragged on too slow.

My freshman year is now like an old favorite book that escapes more into the fringes of my mind as the days pass. Yellow and green meld together during barely-there memories from freshman and sophomore year spirit weeks, and red seems like a distant memory compared to the fresh blue that still resides in my closet, not yet condemned by time to the attic. As I get closer to the end of my high school career, I sometimes wish my experience was recorded so I could relive those moments I thought would never end.

The thing about graduating high school is that we must leave these memories behind. If we still hold on to the old, we will make no room for the new to grow. Most people are scared by this notion, that once college comes we’ll be abandoned by our old selves, just empty husks with no friends, and memories that will serve us no purpose in this new home. To me, that seems to be the major fear factor for most high school students when it comes to college; the worst part is the dread of new things.

When you do anything new in life, a horrible discomfort will accompany that experience. For instance, trying a new sport or going to a class you have no subject knowledge about. The same feeling applies to letting go of the same place you’ve known your whole life. The key is to assign no thought to that feeling and let it pass. The more comfort you can find in trying new things, the less worrying it will feel when your existence suddenly becomes one big new experience.

Exploring the boundaries of your comfort zone is a proactive way to soothe the fear and discomfort you’re going to feel when going off to college. Doing one thing that scares you every day, whether it be as big as skydiving or as small as trying a new food, can help expand your horizons and give you the coping tools you need to handle being off by yourself in a new place.

So, seniors- when the time comes to leave, go. Let college take you away and stumble and fall through the adjustment period with grace. In the meantime, prepare yourself for that fall. Try new things and remember that your comfort zone is based entirely on what you make of your life.


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