One Holiday, Many Traditions

   A look into students’ unique holiday traditions

By Audrey Hausberger

 “My family has this German Christmas tradition where my grandma hides a glass pickle ornament in the Christmas tree and on Christmas me and my cousins all look for it and whoever finds it first supposedly gets good luck in the new  year.”
-junior Caitlyn Sievers

“On Christmas Eve my family has a smörgåsbord, which is a traditional Swedish meal that has a bunch of hot and cold appetizers. We eat yummy food like crackers and cheese, Swedish meatballs, and pepparkakor (Swedish cookies). The tradition is super fun because the whole family gathers around and we have a fun and casual  party.” –junior Anna Blackwood

“On Christmas Eve, my neighbors and family come together and start celebrating Christmas early. We bake cookies and watch movies, and then read Christmas books to my nephews before they leave. I really do look forward to this tradition every year and love spending this time with my family.” –freshman Brooke Douglas

“Every Christmas Eve everyone in my family goes to my grandparents’ house and we roast a pig. We also serve congri (a Cuban version of rice and beans), yucca (like a potato) with mojo (a sauce), fried plantains, and salad. Then for dessert we have some flan (custard with caramel). It was always really awesome having everyone together as a family. There always seemed to be a new member of the family each year and I always loved being able to meet up with family that I hadn’t seen in a while.” -sophomore Branden Matias

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