Behind Annual Breakfast

The breakfast that brings community  together

By Bailee Columber

         Santa, Christmas music, crafts, and pancakes? What is better than that? The annual Breakfast with Santa will take place on Dec. 16 from 8 to11 a.m. in the ELHS commons.

Breakfast with Santa is put on with the help of the Peers Reaching Out club, run by school guidance counselor Lisa Ramaccia. Although this event is one of the most successful fundraisers ELHS has, it is not an easy process. So much effort and time goes into planning for this event.

“We have months of getting donations for kids crafts, breakfast supplies, and we start marking calendars as early as the summer,” said Ms. Ramaccia.
P.R.O. club members Chris Walter and Michaela Bureau would rate the difficulty of this process an eight considering the amount of outside time and effort required.

Breakfast With Santa

“It takes a lot of time to set up the commons and get everyone involved and prepared,” said  Walter. For everyone to have the best time possible, Ms. Ramaccia likes to do a little something new each time. This year she was able to reach out and get chorus groups of different ages to come perform carols.

“It already included crafts, face painting, a pancake bar where you can get your own desired toppings, and carols. We try to make it something that the community wants to be at,” said Ms. Ramaccia.

Because of this huge community event, 50 or more students plus Santa need to be committed to this event. Many students enjoy being able to see the many young children meet and take pictures with Santa.

Breakfast With Santa 3

“I enjoy this event a lot especially seeing the kids interact with Santa,” Walter said.
All this hard work and prep described is certainly no waste for the community. All the population that has attended BWS has loved every second of it.

“I love that high school kids want to bring so much joy to younger children that believe,” said East Lyme resident Sophie Libby.

As a result of amazing outcomes, P.R.O. never fails to raise several hundred dollars each year which they decide to spread internally throughout the community and different clubs and charities. Without Ms. Ramaccia and P.R.O., this event would not be possible.
“P.R.O. is a way for me to connect in a different way in the school. Seeing the students in this light and watching them interact with the kids is so special to me,” said Ms. Ramaccia.

Last year, this event was unfortuantely cancelled due to snow, so make sure to get out and see the commons transformed into a winter wonderland.

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