Buyers Beware: Baker’s a Bust

Baker Mayfield just took home college football’s most prestigious award, the Heisman, home as expected being the overwhelming favorite to win it. But if any NFL team knows what they’re doing they will avoid drafting Baker Mayfield.

Many scouts say he can be the next Russell Wilson, after all they are both shorter, mobile quarterbacks with big arms. Russell Wilson can do what he does because he is a once in a generation type of athlete, something Mayfield simply is not. And even if he was, a sub 6 foot quarterback is a huge risk, and just because Russell Wilson makes it work does not mean you can just plug in Baker Mayfield in and expect the same results.

Russell Wilson has proven to be a pocket passer, that has mobility and the ability to make throws on the run, similar to Aaron Rodgers. He’s not a run mentality quarterback like previous Heisman winners: Robert Griffin III, Johnny Manziel, or Cam Newton. The first two were busts, and Cam has made it work by being a 6’ 5’’, 245 lb freak of nature.

A quarterback like Mayfield needs a system designed for him to find success, because if you try to convert him to a pocket passer, like most quarterbacks, he will quickly fail. And most head coaches are not about to completely dump their systems for one built around around a quarterback’s that worked in college.

All the football analysis above is great, but that’s not the real reason he should be avoided by all NFL teams. Baker Mayfield has proven time and again to be immature, reckless, and have little regard for rules.

Being in the NFL gives a lot more more freedom than college, and players who seemed to have character flaws in college just fell apart under without the college regulations and rules, just ask Johnny Manziel. The problem is Baker has proven to be immature in multiple situations from grabbing his crotch, screaming profanities to the fans, or having to be tackled by the police for public intoxication. He has been punished and still has not gotten his act together.

In his speeches and apologies he sounds great, but so did Manziel. You can’t judge one’s personality by how they act  in front a camera. And even then, he has lost his cool plenty of time in front of a camera in nationally televised games.

Is it possible he rises to the challenge, and reshapes his personality as he enters the NFL? Sure. But with recent history and the inevitable growing pains every player goes through being a factor, losing his composure seems like much more than an outside possibility.

Even if he does mature, the risk is simply not worth the reward. He’s not good enough to risk drafting another Johnny Football, especially with so many great quarterbacks in this year’s draft.

NFL team beware, Baker looks like a bust.

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