Why Your Team Won’t Win the Super Bowl: NFC Edition

See why your team will not win the Super Bowl, unless your team is the team I’m predicting to win it all. It’s early, but I will stick to these picks all the way barring any major injuries. Each justification will be about a sentence, so let’s get into it.

NFC North

  • Minnesota Vikings (10-2): Vikings don’t have the right situation at quarterback to win the big one, Case Keenum is a backup quarterback and that will show against the league’s best defenses in the playoffs.
  • Detroit Lions (6-6): This team started hot, but does not have nearly enough weapons to be a real playoff threat.
  • Green Bay Packers (6-6): If this team does enough to make the playoffs, if Aaron Rodgers can come back, and if he returns to full health they might make a run. That is too many “ifs” for a trustworthy Super Bowl team.
  • Chicago Bears (3-9). Mitch Trubisky could get there someday, but he has not even reached playoff caliber just yet. 


NFC East

  • New York Giants (2-10): This team just fired their head coach and general manager, so moving on.
  • Washington Redskins (5-7): The Redskins have been very up and down this season, but they will have lost too many games to qualify for the playoffs in the crowded NFC.
  • Dallas Cowboys (6-6): This team could make cause some fireworks when Ezekiel Elliot and Sean Lee return to the lineup, but this average defense will hold them back from a Super Bowl.
  • Philadelphia Eagles (10-2): This team has been hot this year, but Carson Wentz is too young and I don’t trust the talent surrounding him in the wide receiving corps. Mark my words: if this team gets a first round bye, they will not win a playoff game.

NFC West:

  • San Francisco 49ers (2-10): The future is bright with Jimmy Garoppolo under center, and a promising running back tandem, but this is definitely not the year.
  • Arizona Cardinals (5-7): An injured quarterback, and one of the oldest NFL rosters is not the recipe for a Super Bowl. This team will be rebuilding soon.
  • Seattle Seahawks (8-4): Before the injury to Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas depleting their secondary, the Seahawks still had problems with their o-line and running backs. Russell Wilson has proven to be great, but not great enough to carry a team to the Super Bowl.
  • Los Angeles Rams (9-3): This team has looked special this year, but I don’t trust Jared Goff, in his youth, against other playoff teams. They have only won two games against opponents with a winning schedule.

NFC South

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7): Jameis Winston has not hit the mark yet, and in such a competitive division this team will not even make the playoffs.
  • Atlanta Falcons (7-4): This team is nowhere near as efficient as last year, they feel the loss of Kyle Shanahan as a the primary play caller.
  • Carolina Panthers (8-3): Way too inconsistent on offense, and although they could go deep in the playoffs, they won’t be consistent enough to make the long run to the Super Bowl

NFC Representative:

  • New Orleans Saints (9-3): This team has the best running back tandem in the league, a much improved defense, and a playoff tested, hall of fame quarterback. I’ve got them falling to my AFC pick in the Super Bowl.

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