Adopt, Don’t Shop

Everyone has their favorite dog breed, and would love to own that precious animal. But with 3.9 million dogs in animal shelters, it’s time to put our preferences aside and find a home for those in need.

Many people get excited about owning a new dog, decide to get a puppy, and then pick one out at a pet shop or visit a breeder with a new litter. However, there are plenty full of wonderful, friendly dogs in need of adoption – including puppies and purebreds.  Some of these dogs might be a better fit for a family than a new puppy for instance, some adult dogs in need of adoption have already been house trained.

As I scroll through the CT Humane Society website and, I see so many dogs loving and energetic that are in risk of being euthanized. As I looked at Oscar, a high energy, pit bull mix, tears began to swell in my eyes as he is in danger of putting put-down if not adopted soon. Although I can’t adopt him, someone can.

Oscar is a young adult dog, who has all his vaccines, neutered, and very high energy. It is suggested that Oscar lives in an adult only home and is available for $150.

There are cases like Oscar’s all over Connecticut and the country, and it’s time we do something about it. So if you’re in the market for a new dog, visit adoption centers this winter. If you can’t decide on who to adopt or unsure if you’ll find the right fit, here are a few suggestions.



Luna is a young adult shar-pei mix, and has a typical shelter dog story. She came in with her hair gone, malnourished, and tick disease, but now, she is happy, healthy, and completely loving. Contact for more.





This sweetheart is a golden retriever mix and five years old. He has average energy, is pretty chill, and is good with adults and kids alike. Dixon is all up to date with his shots, neutered, and loves belly rubs. He is found at Sweet Adoptables in Westport, CT.





Wilbur is an overweight, fun-loving, miniature pisncher who’s looking for a new home. He is a bit older but still has the energy of a puppy. Wilbur can be found on and is $25.





If you’re a high energy family who loves adventures, Nico is the puppy for you! He takes a little bit of warming up to, but once he does he’s an A1 cuddler. Nico is vaccinated, neutered, and is available at TLC Sweet Souls Rescue in Newtown,CT.






A seven year old, full bred Pomeranian is fit for an adult only home. Zoe has a microchip, full vaccinations, and has a low temperament. Not only does she look like a fox, but loves to learn new tricks. Zoe is up for adoption through






Buster is another dog that is up for euthanasia. He is a loving and cuddly pit bull mix, who loves kids. By his description on, “He really is a good boy”. I mean just look at that face, the arm wrapped around it’s owner, who wouldn’t want to own this little dude?





My heart truly melted the moment I loaded eyes on this newborn Alaskan Husky mix. Glacier is only two months old and is great for a family of any variation. She is not housebroken or trained but if you’re looking for an adventure, adopt Glacier at the CT Humane Society in Westport.

There are so many more loving and energetic dogs at rescue as well as the CT Humane Society Website. As you can see, purebreds, mutts, adult dogs and puppies can all be found within these animal shelters, so get to adopting, not shopping East Lyme.





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