Gifts That Give Back

It’s the holiday season (the holiday season)

The month of December is all about giving, receiving, but most importantly spreading joy. However, it can be difficult spending money for gifts for family and friends, and then spending more on a charitable cause. But no more!

Nowadays, you don’t have to choose between being charitable and giving the best gifts from your loved ones. With these four companies, when you buy a present a certain percentage of that money will go to the cause they are supporting. Here are a few products that will benefit your family’s joy and someone else’s happiness.8M8ImIKidTt-Ivory Ella

Despite launching in 2015, Ivory Ella has taken social media – and the world – by storm. With each purchase, the company donates 10% to Save the Elephants; a non-profit organization dedicated to elephant conservation. By November of 2017, the company has donated 1.3 million dollars to Save the Elephants and other charitable causes. Ivory Ella has teamed with major brands like Alex and Ani for other charitable causes like breast cancer awareness. Ivory Ella has a variety of unisex products as well as clothes and accessories targeted towards each gender. With products ranging from towels to t-shirts to bracelets, there is a present for everybody on your list. ten-tree-wideTentree

This one is for every tree-hugger in your life. Not only is each product crafted with eco-friendly materials, but ten trees are planted for every purchase. So far, tentree has planted over 17 million trees in 11 countries. The clothes are high quality, offer a variety of clothes for everyone, built for outdoor use, and you’ll feel cozy while helping the ecosystem.oblHaZCu

Pura Vida

Known for their incredibly popular wave ring, Pura Vida products are crafted by artists all over the world. After a 2010 trip to Costa Rica, the founder have launched a highly successful business that has donated over a million dollars to over 190 causes. Everything from Autism Awareness to climate change to LGBT pride, Pura Vida has a bracelet for it. The products are extremely affordable, and if you’re passionate about a certain cause, go to Pura Vida to snag a bracelet.  download

Love Your Melon

These cute, knitted beanies keep your head warm, and gives 50% of their profits go to pediatric cancer research. Within five years, Love Your Melon has given over a million dollars and 120,000 hats to children battling cancer. Not only is the company amazing, but each product is incredibly cute. With one basic design of hats as well as more feminine or masculine design, there is a hat for you. I guarantee, you will look absolutely adorable, and keep warm in the snow with Love Your Melon products.


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