Your Opinion Matters, I Promise…

Opinion of Maddie Forester

Politics has always interested me. Be it watching the news, keeping up with the latest updates, or even trying not to fall asleep while watching C-SPAN, I have always found the idea of it enthralling.
So when I took the Contemporary Issues trip to the nation’s capital a few weeks ago, I was more than excited to get to tour the Capitol, but even more so to get to sit in the gallery and watch the House operate and debate. The day that we were supposed to view the House in action, they were supposed to vote on the GOP Tax Plan, which if passed, would be a huge victory for Republicans.
We planned our afternoon around when we would go to watch, excited and ready to see history in action. But to our dismay, when we arrived, there were about five representatives total, and people I had never seen sitting up where Paul Ryan should have  been.
Instead of debating the tax bill, there was one single representative from Illinois giving a passionate speech in affirmation about why a post office in her state should be memorialized after a deceased man against another representative from Arkansas.
I was angry. I had been so excited to watch government in action, but no one had even bothered to show up, let alone do what they were supposed to be doing. They had moved back the ‘historic’ tax bill to the next day.
But as I listened to the woman giving the speech on this one post office in Illinois, I heard the passion in her voice. She was fighting so hard for just one single post office, even when it was quite possible no one else cared.
I realized that every idea counts, even if it seemed unimportant, it matters.
Never hold back on what you believe in, even if it’s about some Illinois post office,, it matters to more than just you.

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