Russia Native Excels at East Lyme

One junior moves across the world to gain more opportunities

By: Paige Kelly

Walking down the hallway, you may not realize that not too long ago junior Mikhail Romanenko was attending school in Russia. “We moved because our family was seeking more opportunities that Russia just was not bringing us,” said Romanenko.With his younger brother and parents, Romanenko packed his bags and moved from Russia two and a half years ago.

For anyone, leaving home to move across the globe is nothing but difficult. New school system, a whole new language and a new climate to adjust to can be a lot for a teen. But Romanenko seems to have found his spot in East Lyme, through the most challenging Math and Science classes this school has to offer.


Taking five AP courses, the maximum amount allowed, Romanenko has an incredible academic work ethic. He is also apart of the Science Olympiad, a very challenging club.
“I’d say Mikhail stands out because he pushes himself in all his classes. In addition, he is a very conscientious person who is willing to help those who need it,” said junior Sumeet Kadian.

Although you will usually find him in the Math or Science wing, Romanenko excels in all of his classes. “Mikhail is an attentive and engaged student. For a student coming from another country, I can imagine it must be difficult to keep up with all of the nuances of the conversations happening around you, but Mikhail is quick, and has a keen sense of humor,” said AP history teacher Mr. Kydd.

Many would think it must be difficult to move across the world to a completely different country with a completely different academic curriculum. But not for Romanenko, he is an outstanding student with an intelligence superior to most.“One of the greatest things that I have found in the U.S., is the opportunities that the schools give, you can create a school life which is really comfortable to you and gives you a high potential in the future ,” said Romanenko.

Although he admits he was at first scared of having to adapt to a new lifestyle, Romanenko says this experience has taught him valuable life lessons that he will carry with him forever. “I think it is very important to learn how to adapt to a new environment and I am glad that I went through it. Next time changes occur, I will react to them in a more efficient and less stressful way,” said Romanenko.

Although it was initially hard leaving his hometown, Romanenko has enjoyed his life in the United States and cannot wait for what opportunities this country will bring for him.

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