Powder Puff:’18 defeats ‘19

by: Emma Caufield

The year was 1945 and World War II had just come to an end. Due to the wartime draft, only three male students were enrolled at Eastern State Teacher’s College in Madison, South Dakota.
Unfortunately, the low population of male students led to to the cancellation of all Homecoming weekend sporting events. Female students took a stand and decided they would play in the place of the boys and thus, Powder Puff was born.
Last year was the first year in many that ELHS had held a Powder Puff game. The game was very popular, so they decided to continue the tradition this year. The game was held Nov. 21 and all proceeds went to the senior class. The Class of 2018 won with a score of 29 – 22.

Name: Caitlyn Sievers
Grade: 11
Position: Receiver
“I’m proud of our team for making great passes throughout the night and playing well together as a team.”

Name: Brian Callegari
Grade: 11
Position: Cheerleader
“I feel like our team had a really good effort. We played some good football and had a lot of great passes. We unfortunately just came up  short.”

Name: Taya Valdez
Grade: 12
Position: Wide Receiver
“The close score near the end [of the game] encouraged us to finish strong in the second half and prove our strength as seniors.”

Name: Chris Walter
Grade: 12
Position: Cheerleader
“I [brought] lots of energy to the game and hey, at least we finally won something!”


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