New Pep In East Lyme’s Step

Looking back on the changes of 2017’s Spirit Week and the new pep rally

By: Amelia Anglin

After red flooded the floor and blue retreated to their bleachers, there was disbelief and anger brewing in the minds of the onlooking freshmen, sophomores, and seniors. Had the Class of 2019 really won Spirit Week again?

The bitterness ran deep for some, but you would not be able to tell just 24 hours later in the same gym, classes mixed together, and maroon and white as far as the eye could see. Bringing the entire student body together in a uniting pep rally promoted school pride, complementing the class pride that everyone was submerged in the day before.


IMG_5274“This is Spirit Week, and we like to compete with each other, but at the end of the day we are East Lyme and we are one school,” said senior and Homecoming Queen Eliza Connolly. “We have to have that unity and it has to be  an  overarching theme throughout Spirit Week.”


Students did an excellent job the entire week in coming together to reach a common goal. During the week, $2200 was raised for hurricane relief and the food drive was more successful than ever before. “There was a lot of positivity, it was altogether a really successful week,” said student senate advisor Stephanie Jenkins.

IMG_5276Competing with other classes is a key and thrilling part of Spirit Week, but the most important part of the week is to show spirit for the entire school, which East Lyme High School did a superb job of last month.

“This was one of the best Spirit Weeks that we have ever had,” said history teacher and student advisor Willard Reed. With that in mind, students and staff can surely expect more enjoyable years of Spirit Week to come.



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