East Lyme’s Nice List 2017

By: Kristie Gong



Freshman Claire Angier, has already started making her mark in the community. From volunteering at preschool summer camps over the summer to visiting the elderly in retirement homes, Angier does in all. Her humor and thoughtful actions, like bringing friends coffee, help lighten the mood and make her a joy to be around. She supports many causes and charities, like the Vikes for Vets 5k race, which she ran earlier this month.


IMG_6687Senior Andrew Zhang plays an active role in our community through clubs like Science Olympiad and Key Club. He routinely volunteers for the Southeastern Connecticut Children’s Museum, where he is featured in the volunteer spotlight. As the president of the Key Club, he leads other students in helping them volunteer for local charities. He received the Governor’s Scholar Award, a prestigious academic award.




Senior Ashley Brown, the newly elected president for National  Honor Society, helps the community through NHS and Key Club. Brown, the secretary of Key Club, is in charge of organizing the members’ hours and and helps organize fundraisers. Outside the clubs, she helps with a blanket making charity and brings them to a women’s shelter along with Bridgeport Hospital. With a bright smile, she strolls the halls helping whenever she can.


img_5790.pngAlgebra II teacher Roger Templeton is known for his welcoming and helpful attitude. He helps make class less stressful by giving students a break halfway through class, complete with trivia questions to lighten the mood. Mr. Templeton helps students who struggle with math by waiting 10 minutes after second period in case any students need help before heading to the math office for lunch, where you can find him if not in his room.




Science teacher Laura Ashburn helps the environment. Ms. Ashburn creates events like the International Beach Cleanup. As the advisor of Ecology Club, she sets up events like hikes in Oswegatchie Hills and Latimer Brook cleanups to encourage her students to help the environment. Outside of her environmental side, she helps students during lunch and lets student look at their tests for test corrections to help them learn the material after a recent test.



Physical Education teacher Jennifer Carney-Brush immerses herself in helping the school community. Ms. Brush has taken part of the summer program for Chinese exchange students and helps organize school-wide functions, like the annual Holiday Extravaganza, which started seven years ago. Her outgoing personality helps her to bond with students, who look forward to her confidence-boosting P.E.  classes.

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