East Lyme Singer’s Got Talent

Maddie Anthony goes into real world armed with her guitar

by: Bailee Columber

“You only have one life so do what you love because you never know what is going to happen,” said junior Maddie Anthony.
East Lyme resident Maddie Anthony is planning on auditioning for the television series “America’s Got Talent” in the near winter. Maddie’s passion about singing has inspired her love for AGT ever since she was a little girl.
Anthony decided to look up auditions after her friends and family repeatedly told her to go “on one of those singing shows.”
She came across the AGT audition in December which she stated, “was actually a very easy process.”
To prepare, Maddie takes singing lessons once a week at April Marie Music right here in East Lyme. Maddie has been training with April Marie for a year.
“Maddie’s creativity is fresh, inspiring, and a pleasure to push her limits in a professional manner,” said Ms. Marie.
As this audition is nearing and nearing, Maddie continues to push herself to practice the song that she is going to sing, three times a day. She is now choosing between two songs, “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes or “At Last” by Etta James.
“This audition process has made me a much more confident singer,” said Anthony even though nerves are high as the audition  approaches.
Maddie is auditioning solely for herself. She decided to push herself and has wanted to do it for a while. image
“At first I thought I can’t do this, but then I thought why not just try,” said Maddie.
Maddie was also inspired by Old Lyme resident, Braiden Sunshine. Sunshine was a semi-finalist on NBC’s “The Voice” in 2015. Since this time, he has released many new songs while juggling being a regular high school kid at Old Lyme High School. For some guidance, advice, and inspiration Maddie has been trying to get in touch with Braiden as much as possible.
Sophomore Hannah Goldreich, a friend of Maddie since seventh grade, is 100 percent supportive of Maddie going into this.
“I think it is really cool how she can put herself out there to perform in front of other people,” said Goldreich.
Ms. Marie is also rooting for Maddie as she goes in to this nerve wrecking experience.
“I am very proud of all my East Lyme music students, especially Maddie, for taking it to a new level in the huge venue of NYC,”said Ms.  Marie.

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