Volunteer Opportunities in ELHS

Amazing opportunities just a few feet  away

by Georgia Thoms

It all started seven years ago with not only the idea of getting back in touch with our human roots, but also enhancing the future. That’s the purpose of Chikumbuso. The club sponsors two students from the Chikumbuso School in Zambia to provide for a better  education.
“Education is something someone can never take away from you and it can only lead to empowerment and through education it can lead to opportunities and that is what we are trying to help these students achieve,” said Chikumbuso advisor Shannon Saglio. An annual fundraising event hosted by Chikumbuso is the infamous Lip Sync Battle on Nov. 30. Students and faculty bring out their inner divas or actors to perform and aid in club finances.
“It is about trying to teach the big message of the club which is empathy, seeking to understand others, and trying to make a difference,” said Ms. Saglio.
Key Club International is a gateway for volunteer opportunities in the community and bonding with close friends. Many people equate work with volunteering: “I think volunteering is a good way to gain that attitude of wanting to help others in your free time and that instead of working for yourself you should improve the community and the people around you.,” said Key Club President Andrew Zhang.
This club has hosted events such as the Bike and Barbecue in September, holiday shopping for Care a Lot, and the annual blanket tying for hospitals. These seasonal events are accessible ways to give back in the community.
“It is very humbling to show up at an event and see all the people you have helped because there are so many people who aren’t as fortunate as us to have a great school and great people to support us, and it feels great to be able to support them,” said events manager Sana Gupta.
Having a partnership with the students of ELHS and senior citizens is what sparked the formation of the Interactive Club for the Elderly. The club helps bridge the gap between generations by providing community service. There are many different ways to serve from teaching ways to access technology to attending Friday night dances. All talents are welcomed and put to use.
The senior prom last year was the biggest event hosted by the club to show appreciation of the elderly citizens among us.
“The students did fundraisers, they did a walk-a-thon, they organized the entire prom, they hired a DJ, they made the food themselves, they served the food, they cleaned up before and after, and they were even out dancing with all the people on the floor, and they were amazing, “ said ICE advisor and math teacher Patricia  Ferryman. “They did it all.”
Every event on the senior home’s calendar is an opportunity to help the senior citizens of East Lyme, and to learn from their experiences and stories.

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