Nails Are More Than Just Style

For the longest time, before it even became popular, I’ve been begging my mom for acrylic nails. She has had them done on herself since before I was born, so I’ve always been interested. I was probably much too young at the time to have a semi-permanent color pasted on my nails. Not only is it and adult thing to do, but it is quite expensive. A new set of nails can cost as much as $60, and a fill can be as much as $30. In my house, my  mother would never pay for that for me, I am encouraged to make my own money and pay for my own extra expenses. 

So two days ago, this Saturday, on the way home I asked if I could get acrylic nails done with my mom. She didn’t think for more than a second about it and answered with “sure”. I was surprised to hear that Gina Nails in Salem only charges $27 for a new set of nails. I chose my length, shape, and color. Then a process of plastic, powder, solution, and I think glue went on my nails to create the final product. Although I didn’t think that getting my nails done would require me to change and tweak the way I live.

Before Gina applied the color, she had me wash my hands. Even just that simple task required me to think more than I usually would. The feelings of my hands were just different and I had to consider washing under my nails as well. Once the final product was colored and dried, I realized I would have to change the way that I text. I usually use the tips of my thumbs, but now since they are blocked by my nails, I have to use the “cushiony” part of my thumb. When reaching into my backpack, I have to very careful that I don’t catch a nail on a binder or anything else. Sitting here and typing on the keyboard is very confusing because I’m not sure if want to use my nails or fingers to press on the letters. All the thought that goes into doing any simple given task is something that I never expected to have to apply.

Needless to say, getting acrylic nails was a much bigger commitment than I was expecting them to be. I love how they look and they are very aesthetically pleasing, but the amount of thought and extra effort it takes to simply reach for a binder in my bag surprised me. Overall, I will probably get them again, because I am getting used to having them on.

new nails

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