Eighth Graders Take the High School by Storm

8th Graders Take Honors Geometry Continuing an 18-year  Trend

by Sana Gupta

Most students taking high school classes have similar morning routines. They wake up incredibly early, leave their homes while it is still dark outside, walk into school and go to their first class, and their second period class right  after.
This is not the case for the 12 eighth graders who board the bus back to the middle school after their A or E block class, where they continue the rest of their day.
“If they are excelling in math and require an additional challenge, this is typically what these students will do,” said Honors Geometry teacher Maggie Gross.
These 8th graders were selected by their middle school math teachers to take Geometry at the high school due to their increased level of algebra readiness.
Taking Geometry early allows students to take higher-level math classes later in high school, as well as allowing them to take advanced sciences earlier, according to junior Drew Hollaway, a student who took Geometry in 8th grade.
Though most students succeed in Geometry, there are difficulties with being in a high school class. The eighth graders do not have access to the extra help that high schoolers can receive, and making up work is hindered by the schools’ conflicting schedules.
Despite these difficulties, these students share one common desire, which is to receive a challenge in math.
“Geometry is a very helpful course, and it is also a very challenging course that pushes you beyond the normal math we are used to learning,” said Kabra.


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