An Everlasting Mystery

21- year Old Lost Class Ring Recovered at ELHS Tag Sale

by Sydney Dow

October 14, 2017: East Lyme High School senior Joyce Lin solved the 21-year mystery of a lost class ring during her contemporary issue’s fundraiser. The class was conducting a tag sale that would help support their Washington D.C. trip expenses. While organizing the donations, she began to unfold the  mystery.
Unravelling a small bundle of newspaper led to the discovery of the  ring.
“ I knew something interesting was going to happen…..but when I heard people yelling in shock about the ring, I was surprised and shocked too. I was speechless,” said contemporary issues student Ashley  Brown.
The ring belonged to Thomas Scarpellini, 1996 East Lyme High School graduate. He lost the ring during an outing in Niantic during 1996.
“The last place I remember seeing it was downtown in Niantic around the gas station by the Morton House….. I think it fell off my finger during the day and that was the last place I remember seeing it,” said Mr. Scarpellini.
Misplacing the ring had a strong impact on him, because he had such a strong bond with it. The piece was given to him by his grandfather. Mr. Scarpellini was a sophomore at the time, and a top player of his football team. As a sign of his appreciation and amount of pride he felt for his grandson, he gave him the ring. The piece held significant meaning to the graduate, since his grandfather was such an important part of his life. His initial reaction was a sense of honor and  excitement.
Now, 21 years later, Mr.Scarpellini feels even more excited to get the ring back. He cannot wait to share this piece of his past with his children and wife.

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