Traveling Teacher Brings Global Entertainment to the Classroom

History Teacher shares unique travel experiences with his classes

By: Paige Kelly

Everyday, students walk into room A201, eager to learn what story history teacher Hamilton Hernandez will share next. Bringing unique stories and shared experiences from his travels, Mr. Hernandez has been broadening the minds of students for seven years now.“I knew I wanted to be a high school teacher, but didn’t know if it was the career I was going to pursue right after school,” said Mr.  Hernandez.
Mr. Hernandez admits that he has always had a passion for seeing different people’s perspectives on life.

This is Mr. Hernandez’s first year teaching in East Lyme, but he already proves to be a fan- favorite among his students

“I’ve always enjoyed trying to understand the viewpoints of other people. History was a natural fit for me, as it requires respecting people and cultures enough to research  and  explore their past,” said Mr.  Hernandez.
Being curious as a child, Mr. Hernandez aspired to be like his father and travel the world. By surprise, Mr. Hernandez was caught in the middle of a civil war and immediately thrown into action.
“I first travelled internationally when I was 20 years old. My father has lived and worked in Africa since I was around 10 years old and I wanted to see what he did for work. I ended up being an emergency hire to the security detail of the American embassy. Since that summer I have tried to travel whenever possible to learn and understand other parts of the world. I have travelled to Africa, Europe, and Asia. This coming summer I would like to take my first trip to South America,” said Mr. Hernandez.
Students feel that because Mr. Hernandez is so open about his travels they feel a sense of connection when  it comes time for  class.
“I like Mr. Hernandez because he shares a lot of stories with us, which helps because we feel more connected with him and it develops a more fun learning environment,” said sophomore Angie  Venditti.
Mr. Hernandez hopes to inspire students to go out and experience different cultures and aspects of the world just like he had the opportunity to, as a child.
“I try to communicate to students how interesting it is to learn about other people and the places they live. If I have been to a place we are talking about in class I like to tell a story about something I saw there that I hope will interest my students,” said Mr.  Hernandez.
He is a student favorite when it comes to learning history.
“Everyone likes him, he can connect with everyone in the class. He never leaves anyone out which is cool,” said sophomore Cameron  Hart.

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