It’s Necessary to Attend ‘Unnecessary Farce’

ELHS Drama Club opens their fall play tonight

by: Nicholas Degraff

Tonight, East Lyme High School’s Drama Club program is getting ready for the first showing of ‘Unnecessary Farce,’ with the curtains opening at 7 p.m.

The show is a farcical comedy first produced in 2006 and features a cast of seven hilarious characters. The show focuses on two cops using a video recorder to spy on an embezzling mayor. In the process, much confusion arises.
The directors, Amy Bentley and Alexander Kydd, are excited to showcase the talents of the small cast, consisting of seven characters.
“Though it is generally easier to work with two casts, the division of time is hard, as is scheduling, as sometimes at a rehearsal we have both cast members, and sometimes we have neither,” said Bentley. Despite this, Kydd says, “It’s so interesting to see how two different actors will play the same role completely differently … The chemistry between the two casts is completely different.” In my time at a rehearsal there was a lot of hard work being put  in.
“We try to keep a positive, productive atmosphere, regardless of cast size,” said Mr.  Kydd.
Rehearsals also consist of a large amount of work by backstage crews. There were crew members painting signs, constructing the set, and adjusting lighting.
“Tech is ahead of schedule for this show and is running smoothly,” said stage manager Gary McGuiness. Everyone was very involved in getting the show ready to open. Ms. Bentley’s husband, Mr. Bentley, even chipped in to help with set construction.
When it comes to the show, Ms. Bentley says it has “something for everyone, with comedic elements that most people would find funny.” The show will leave everyone laughing at some times and on the edge of their seats at others.
“I have a lot of confidence not only in myself and the actors but our directors and drama club as a whole,” said junior Chris Gregor, who is playing the role of Eric Sheridan in one of the show’s casts.
Everyone who can attend, should, as they will most definitely love the show.

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