I Don’t Want to See Your ‘What I’m Thankful For’ Post

Opinion of Maddie Foerster

   Although I enjoy spreading gratitude, Thanksgiving is probably the worst holiday. There. I said it.
If you’re looking for a feel good, heart-warming editorial on why Thanksgiving is about spending time with loved ones, you should probably stop reading.
I know that I should love the holiday because it stands for everything good in life: family, eating, and pie.
But I just have never been able to bring myself to like it for not one reason or the other, but for an entire slew of reasons.
I hate Thanksgiving turkey. It is dry. It is forced. Not to mention it is eaten over forced conversation with relatives who I see once a year who only want to know where I’m going to college, as if I have any idea.
I do not enjoy pumpkin pie either, or really most pies. Or stuffing. Or basically every food on the table during Thanksgiving  dinner.
The meal itself is at an awkward time, is it lunch? Is it dinner? Why is it only 3 o’clock and my Uncle Mike is already conked out on the couch watching a football game he pretends to enjoy?
I may as well delete all social media for the day as well, considering every post is just another person that I follow showing off whatever they are thankful for, be it if someone is on a vacation, or with their significant other, or playing flag football with their family.
So really, save the turkey and cheesy Instagram posts for someone who cares. I would much rather eat pasta and spend time with family, minus the pie, football, awkward “linner,” and most of the other events that occur on Thanksgiving.
Every day should be about embracing what we are thankful for, not just the last Thursday of November.

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