A Club for Every Interest at ELHS

Some of the newest clubs students can consider joining this school year

By: Michelle Shavnya and Ella Bradley

Teachers of Tomorrow
Co-presidents Colleen Keller and Ashley Brown created Teachers of Tomorrow for students interested in education as a career.
“My goal for this club is encouraging a future of education for students at the high school,” said Keller. She envisions inviting several guest speakers, like ELHS teachers and lieutenant governor Nancy Wyman to get students passionate about teaching and hopefully inspire them to pursue similar paths.
Keller and Brown are also considering helping at the district’s elementary schools for club members to get more of a real-life experience. While this is an interesting idea, the main focus of the club will still be listening to guest  speakers.
The club advisor is Contemporary Issues teacher Rose Ann Hardy. It meets every other Thursday in A206 at  lunch.

The Upstander Movement advocates for a world full of empathy, primarily through a social media movement.
“The Upstander Movement is a tribute to [several Holocaust survivors who]…courageously shared their stories with students at ELHS to inspire others to fight discrimination and bigotry,” club advisor Shannon Saglio said. Such brave speakers are called “Upstanders.”
By becoming a member of the club, students will hear stories of Upstanders promoting positivity and acceptance. Using the stories as examples, they will engage in community service that allows them to be Upstanders as  well.
The club’s student leaders are Joyce Lin, Chara Proud, and Olivia Bellody. It meets every Wednesday in A204 at the start of lunch.

Sign Language Club
Club president, Erin Bauman, started the Sign Language Club this year-a new language for students to learn about.
Bauman created this club because she has had an interest in sign language since fourth grade and recommends this to anyone who is interested in this different culture.
“To me, it’s interesting to learn about deaf culture and it’s something new that you don’t learn in school- it’s something different,” Bauman said. Her goals for this club are to introduce the unique language to the school and hopefully make it become a class in the  future.
The club’s advisors are reading specialist Robin Kenny and school psychologist Christopher Mountain, who are currently teaching the alphabet in sign language. It meets in A237 during Thursdays at lunch.

Ted Ed Club
Club leaders Sana Gupta and Rohan Venkatesh started the Ted Ed club to allow students at ELHS school to share their ideas about passionate topics.
“This is a way for them to express their passions to a greater range of people,” Gupta said. The goal of this club is to allow students time and space to work together to explore individual interests, then determine the best way to communicate what they have learned with others in a safe space. Not only does it relate to public speaking, it also involves technology, like camera and lighting skills.
This club also looks to develop critical public speaking skills.“To get a job, you need to talk to people,” Venkatesh said.
The club advisor is English teacher Jeff Beale. It meets in A225 during Tuesdays at  lunch.


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