Viking Spotlight: Volume 4

By: Amelia Kozlowski

Name: Jamie Stevens
Grade: 12
Sport: Volleyball

Stevens has been playing volleyball since her freshman year here at ELHS. The past two years as a junior and now a senior, Stevens has been a starter on the varsity team as a right side hitter and a setter. The team is currently undefeated, 7-0, in the ECCs.
When high school season ends in November, Stevens begins to practice with her travel team, Velocity, which she has been a member of for the past three years. She plays on this team from December to March on Sundays and attends multiple all-day tournaments around New England with her teammates.
Alumni Brielle Benson was Stevens encouragement and inspiration to try the sport when she started high school.
“Besides my actual enjoyment for the game, my favorite part of volleyball is how I’ve made so many close friends that have been with me throughout these four years. It’s been great watching us all grow together and work towards what we are now,” said Stevens.

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