Sister Duo Dominates Field

For these two sisters, field hockey is so much more than just a sport

by: Paige Kelley

They wake up together, they step out onto the field together, and at the end of the day they go home and talk all about it… you guessed it, together.
Not many players have the opportunity to play side by side with their best friend, however for sisters Caroline and Kristen Healy, this is an everyday routine.
Senior Caroline and sophomore Kristen are the perfect pair when it comes to field hockey. Both are starting forwards on the varsity field hockey team. Typically the sisters rack up many points during a game, leaving their teammates and the crowd  impressed.
“They have this connection. They know how to work well together because they are siblings. It’s funny because they always know where the other is going to be,” said sophomore teammate Natale  Taylor.
The sister’s love for field hockey definitely runs in the family. They were inspired by their older cousin who played for Glastonbury and was an all American and aunt who played in high school for East Lyme as well.
“Caroline started the summer before her sophomore year and Kristen saw how much Caroline loved it and decided to try it out,” said the sisters’ mom, Laura Healy.
Caroline is also one of the team captains this season. Having played soccer in the past, Caroline picked up field hockey sophomore year learning the sport relatively fast.
“Caroline definitely stepped up in organizing things this year,” said varsity head coach, Kristy Behbehani.
Behbehani said the two sisters both have different, yet extremely valuable things to offer to the game.
Caroline offers the team her stick skills while Kristen brings her speed.
“It’s interesting because you would expect them to be very similar, but they are different in a good way. They both bring something different to the table and different to the game,” said Behbehani.
The sisters admit that playing a difficult sport on such a positive team has definitely taught them a few life lessons that they know they will hold onto forever.
“It’s definitely taught me how to communicate with others and to become a leader,” said Caroline.
The sport of field hockey is special for these sisters because it has brought them closer together.
“I definitely love having my sister on the team. She’s my best friend so it makes it that much more special,” said Kristen.

Kristen & Caroline
Kristen on the left and Caroline on the right.

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