Personal Interstellar Overview

After watching Interstellar, it has become my all time favorite film. It is a movie about the fight to get a new planet, before the current plant, earth, runs out of food supplies. As former NASA pilot, Cooper, and his daughter, Murphy, accidentally find coordinates to a secret NASA station, the father has to choose between saving the human race and possibly never being able to see his children again.

The goal is to find an alternate world for humans to live on because their dying planet will not last much longer. Professor Brant, a NASA physicist, is working on trying to save mankind by transporting all of Earth’s population to a new home through a wormhole, but first they have to go on a mission to find a planet that will suit the people on Earth.

This movie is jam-packed of twists and turns while problems keep getting thrown at the NASA team. Each astronaut takes challenges and risks, not only physically, but emotionally. Unexpected conflicts arise, keeping you on your feet throughout the film.

I would recommend watching Interstellar to anyone. It is a mix of drama, action, adventure, and science fiction, that is sure to interest all viewers. Although the movie is long, 169 minutes, the plot twists and crazy science concepts force you to be engaged the entire time while watching.

Personally, I do not get much time to watch a lot of movies. After I heard so many good reviews, I had to find the time to see it and it was well worth it.

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