My Opinion On 5 Social Medias

*= my personal star rating out of five

  1. After School is a completely anonymous app that groups you by school district. You have the ability to post captions or pictures of whatever you want. Unfortunately, because of the accounts ability to be anonymous, users sometimes think its okay to post negative comments or pictures directly referring to a specific person. This to me makes it have a negative drive and personally I don’t think that anything could come good out of it. *
  2. Twitter is an app that continues to gain popularity and users every day. It is a social media where people can post a blurb of up to 280 characters, it was updated from 180 to 280 on November 9, 2017. I find Twitter very easy to use, there is nothing too over complicated about it. All icons are marked with a clear picture showing what it will bring you to. Not only is Twitter good in a social aspect, but also an informational aspect. Each of the grades have a twitter to be able to shoot out announcements and general information. *****
  3. Houseparty is an app that went through a phase very quickly. It was a form of Facetime or Skype where you could be video chatting with multiple people. Everyone would be able to talk to each other. I loved Houseparty! I was able to talk with old and new friends. If I was in a “houseparty” and there was someone I didn’t know, it did not give out any person information. Overall, the app was simple to use and a lot of fun while it was popular. ****
  4. Instagram has caught the eye of most of the Millennials and Centennials. Hundreds of millions of people have accounts on this application. It is a way of sharing pictures and attached captions with family and friends that follow you. “Liking” and “Commenting” are the ways that people can show their enjoyment towards the image. Having the option of making your account private allows as much or as little publicity as you may want. Celebrities and businesses tend to keep their accounts open to the public. Instagram has done an excellent job of managing their app and keeping it very popular. *****
  5. VSCO has come off as a very positive, feminine app since the release. Due to the inability to comment and ‘like’ posts, the only way to interact is by re-posting. Re-posting is a way of taking a picture that someone else has posted and uploading it in your account, under their name. As upbeat as VSCO may be, it has a reputation for being a place where more provocative and profane pictures are posted. There is also an editing section with many, many different options of filters, lighting adjustment, quality, ect. where you can edit a photo to perfectly customize it. *****

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