Senior Class Gifts

by: Heather Lally

 Graduation is the epiphany of high school. Class gifts are a way of remembering your graduation.

  In past years, examples of senior class gifts have been water fountains, the north gym’s scoreboard, a new sound system in the auditorium, and most recently the electronic sign added in front of East Lyme High School. IMG_4057

  The Class of 2013 donated the water fountains, in an effort to help students fill up their water bottles throughout the day as well as making the water fountains handicapped accessible.

  East Lyme High School’s  mascot is the viking. Sven is that viking, and is located near the auditorium.  History teacher,  Ms. Rose Ann Hardy spends time in Waterford Maine.  While in Maine,  Ms. Hardy discovered an artist, a woodcutter who did art pieces of deer, but never of a viking. Ms. Hardy spoke with the woodcutter and gave him the basic idea for Sven the viking. The woodcutter, who created Sven explained to Ms. Hardy, “every tree is specifically chosen for the image he sees in the tree.” Thereafter, while creating Sven, in the middle phase of the creation, the woodcutter decided that this wasn’t the ideal image he saw for the viking, so he started over and was happy with the end result.                                                                                      

  In order to get the massive Sven to East Lyme High School prior to homecoming, Special Education teachers Mr. David Sdao and Mr. Paul Christensen along with Ms. Hardy drove up to  Maine in a rented dodge pickup truck. As well as a trailer that transported the statue back to Connecticut.  This shows how dedicated these teachers are to our school. “I feel honored to be apart of it,” Mr. Sdao said.

  Even after all the teachers efforts to get Sven into the truck, when they arrived at ELHS, Sven would not fit through the back door of the school.  Taking off the door jams and attempting to stand Sven upright was impossible, he was too heavy. So, they put bladder bags underneath him from Niantic Transmission, and raised him up.  Still, Svens’ wings were too big so they had to unscrew them, and later screw the wings back on, just so he could fit.  Fortunately, meeting the deadline for the Class of 1995 to enjoy Sven. Finally, Ms. Hardy has aspirations of East Lyme’s Sven hopefully having a partner in the years to come.

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