Closer Than Just DNA

My mom has told my sister and I since we could walk that we will never have anyone closer than each other. She stressed that we get along and love each other, just as her and her sisters did when she was growing up. Until about last year we fought every day and could never figure out how to get along. Granted, I’m two years older and she wasn’t able to relate with anything that I liked, and vise versa. Now however, at the ages 13 and 15, we are inseparable.

Thankfully, we changed from having to share a room to separating into different bedrooms. I think that’s what gave us the space we need to keep our differences apart. We are now able to hang out in one another’s room when we want, but also be able to have our distance when it’s needed. As before we could have to figure out how to be stuck in the same room while having a feud.

Jordyn, my sister, and I are also in different school districts. I am a sophomore at East Lyme High School, while she is in eighth grade in Salem Elementary School. I used to see her every day in the halls and throughout the school day, but now the only time I can see her is at home. As beneficial as it may be to have our separation, I am beyond excited to be able to drive her into school every day and be able to see her more on a daily basis.

As we get older we can relate about more topics which has built a huge trust between us. We are able to comfort each other in times of hurt and also have fun with each other when we’re feeling great.

I wouldn’t trade Jordyn for the world because not only is she my sister, but my best friend. Maybe some siblings will take longer to become close, but it’s not worth giving up because your relationship could end up much closer than just DNA.

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