8 Crucial Necessities About Spirit Week

Spirit week, it’s not a game.

1. Take it seriously. Spirit Week at East Lyme High School is no joke. The race for each class to collect the most points over the length of  five days gets more competitive as the week goes on. Seniors are a step ahead with the most experience, so freshman have to pull their weight with no years under their belt. Each day’s theme is build to give the seniors the easiest category followed by juniors and ending with freshman as the most difficult to earn points.


2. Follow the rules. Many theme days, privileges, and respect has been lost due to students outrageous and unnecessary behaviors. Students need to keep their act together because teachers become very strict and keep a close eye on every move made. Making stupid decisions has lead kids to lunch detentions, suspension, and even cancellation of scholarships. It is not hard at all to do what you’re told. Unless you’re trying to get yourself in trouble you should be clear of punishment. It would be no fun to have to spent your lunch in an empty classroom because of a foolish mistake.

3. Go all out! If you don’t dress for the theme, head to toe, you will stand out MUCH more than if you go all out. Dressing for the theme of the day wins you points for your class ,the more points you have the more competitive the week is! Not to mention how much fun it is to get together with your friends and see what everyone is wearing. If you don’t have clothes for a certain day, many upperclassmen have leftover outfits from past years and will for sure be willing to pass down clothing! Goodwill, Party City, Walmart, and The Dollar Tree are great, cheap places to shop for all of the themes!

4. Take pictures! This week will be memorable, from people’s costumes, the pep rallies, and all the fun and laughs that will go on as each day passes. Taking lots of pictures can save great memories and moments. Lunch is the most popular time to meet up with your friends and take pictures. Most people will go out to ‘the wall’ and the outer commons, the area gets packed, but it gives you a chance to get together with all your friends. Personally, I print all of my pictures from Spirit Week and tape them up to my wall. I love being able to walk into my room with my ‘picture wall’ which brings back some of my favorite memories.


5. Get your work done. You can’t forget that you’re still in school and there is still work to do and be done. Teachers will hold you in during lunch and after school if you misbehave or are non attentive in class. The weekend before the week starts is a great time to get any work or projects done that are during the week. The more you get done before the less you have to do after school. Just because it’s spirit week, does not mean that work counts any less than it would on an average school day.

6. Go above and beyond! The entire week is based off of the Homecoming football game where the football teams play their first game at home after being on the road for a while. During this game, former students of the high school can come and see the current team. Another way to go above and beyond is to donate non perishable items into your class box. This is another way win points for your grade. The dollar drive is a way to win points and give more money to your class. Brain games is a trivia activity done during spirit week by a few handpicked students in each grade.

7. Don’t feel embarrassed! Everyone at ELHS, this is one of the best weeks of the year. The participation is overwhelming and show’s so much spirit for each class. You will stands out more than if you do! Each person matters to help the score of your grade because it is counted with a percentage. Make sure you’re in your second block, because there is where they will count your outfit.


8. Plan ahead. Each day should take a little bit of thinking and effort to put together. Personally, I put each of my outfits together the weekend before, and out every day in a specified box. This helps with getting ready in the morning and not forgetting an accessory. It is a very organized way to be prepared for spirit week!

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