Manthous Says No to Bathroom Cards

Junior starts petition to open restroom  doors

by: Audrey Hausberger

“Can I borrow your bathroom card?”
This is a question that many students are all too familiar with. Junior Duncan Manthous wants to eliminate this question by persuading the school to unlock the bathrooms through the power of petition.
One of the main points of the petition states the system itself is faulty, since students use other people’s cards, and the installation of cameras above the green doors make the cards  unnecessary.
School’s safety and security officer David Perry agreed with the basis of the petition. He argues the bathrooms at home are not locked, so they should not be locked at  school.
The idea for the petition was sparked when Manthous was told he would receive a free card at the beginning of this year, however that fell through due to lack of responsibility among students concerning the cards, which frustrated  Manthous.
“The lack of provisions of bathroom cards led to me taking action,” said Manthous.
So far, 162 students have signed the petition; only one declined.
However, Director of Safety and Security Christopher Olsen expressed concerns about unlocking the bathrooms.
“I have concerns in the fact that it’s difficult to monitor things such as vandalism, smoking, and general student safety concerns,” said Mr.  Olsen.
These events do occur, but the cards will not identify who is at fault since students use other people’s cards, thus making the cameras alone a better source of identification.
Mr. Olsen explained that bathroom cards also have the capability to be used as a school ID. For instance, the cards can be used during the SATs or driving tests. However, most students who take these tests are upperclassmen who already possess identification.
The original reason for locks was to allow teachers to monitor study halls rather than sign kids in and out of the bathrooms.
“Teachers make us sign out of class anyway and there is a section to put where you are going, so it’s like signing in twice,” said junior Brianna Brown.
Manthous plans on bringing the petition to principal Michael Susi this month, hoping both he and the school realize the frustration among the student body.
“When a school abuses its power and locks the bathroom, it’s up to the student body to fix it,” said Manthous. For now though, students will continue scrambling around to find someone with a bathroom card. However, as of Oct. 24, the school did execute on their promise, and gave each student their own bathroom card. Whether or not the school complies with all the requests made by Mathous remains unknown, but so far he has already enacted change.

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