Dog Rescue by Social Media

I’ve been a ‘dog person’ for as long as I remember.

So let me set the scene: I was making my occasional trip to Henny Penny in Salem for Ben & Jerry’s. It was probably 9:00 p.m. and the sun was completely set. If you’re not aware, this gas station is right next to four major routes and a roundabout, cars are constantly driving through and are not always watching. In the store there were only a few people, everyone was minding their own business until a woman slammed open the doors.

“Is anyone missing a black lab?”, she asked to the whole store. When my mom and I made eye contact we knew that there was no way he was being left alone. I ran out to the dog who was obviously scared, but still running around frantically. I got within arms reach of him and grabbed his collar to see if he had a name, but he didn’t. I tried petting him to calm him down while he was squirming around me. I walked over to our car and opened the door to let my step-dad know what was going on. “There’s a black lab roaming ar-” before I could finish, out of nowhere the dog jumped into the car through the passenger seat, hopped in the back and laid down as if we were his owners.

As my mom was walking out with the Ben & Jerry’s, the lady who ran into the store came over to us with her three kids and started interrogating us with questions about the dog. “Is he your dog?” “What’s his name?” “How long has he been missing?” My mom just responded with “No, this is not our dog, but my husband is a K-9 police handler and we will take care of him and find his owner.”

On the way home, I took a picture of the dog and posted on every social media I have giving a description and a short story of where we found him. When we got home, which was only about 2 minutes from the station, we put the dog in our outdoor kennel for our K-9 dog. My step-dad called the police and animal control to aware them that we were taking care of the dog until we found the owner.

Within 15 minutes of us being home, I got a comment on my Instagram page from a girl saying that her neighbors dog is missing. I messaged her and told her have her neighbor call my step-dad, and luckily, it was their dog! All of this happened so fast, and by 9:25 we had the man at our door with a leash ready to take Charlie home.

Later that night I was texting my sister, who was sleeping over her friends, telling her what had happened. She replied saying that Greg, one of her best friends from school, had told her the same story from his point of view, not knowing it was us who had him.

At the end I have to give it all to social media, as quick as incidents can go bad, they can go very good too!

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