The Ultimate Glo-Up: From Yellow to Blue

The importance of keeping the energy and spirit of Spirit Week alive.

Opinion of Joyce Lin

As an incoming freshman, I remember hearing bizarre stories, outlandish myths, and legendary dressups about Spirit Week. That year, I saw paint-coated handprints, streamers everywhere, and my class drop the orange during orange pass approximately seven times.
Sophomore year, with a better idea of everything and anything remotely green, I raided the numerous Party City’s, Dollar Tree’s, and Michael’s for outlandish outfits, followed by taking hundreds of pictures in front of the wall.
Junior year consisted of parading around in a bright red lobster costume and claiming that the Class of 2018 would win all Spirit Week competitions by hundreds of points.
Thinking about how bizarre I can dress in blue this year, the magnitude of senior year truly sinks in. Spirit Week is a celebration of the East Lyme High School community, a rite of passage that will truly never be forgotten.
To me, Spirit Week is just five days of the year where the entire school is buzzing with energy, excitement, and most importantly, the pride of being a Viking. From being here for three years so far, here are my most memorable takeaways.
First, as cliche as it sounds, do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone in completely decking out in your class color. This is an opportunity to be unapologetically creative and unique. Last year, for pajama day, I wore rollers in my hair and I was not even the only one; going all-out is completely accepted. Who knows, you might be recognized in the ELHS Spirit Week Hall of Fame one day.
Second, participate, participate, participate! Whether it is volunteering to be part of the scooter race, tug of war, Alma Mater, or even commons decorating, the fun of Spirit Week would not be immense if there was not days, even weeks of preparation, Spirit Week is what you make of it, and all the effort that every single person puts in.
Third, get hyped up. For some people, Spirit Week is one of the top priorities to think about when returning to school. Sure, most people definitely don’t think that much of just five days of the school year, but when else will you get the chance to both compete against your classmates, but come together as well?
For seniors, enjoy this final Spirit Week. Leave a positive mark on the community, just like it probably has on you. As for everyone else, keep the energy of Spirit Week alive everyday. I know that sounds confusing but try to do everything with as much enthusiasm and dedication you put into Spirit Week.


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