The Jungle of Jobs

There are about 7.6 billion people in the world’s population and about 7.4 billion jobs. That gives you a LOT of options when deciding on a career. Sure, it may sound easy, and it may seem like there’s a different job for everyone, but the choices narrow down as soon as you factor in variables like level of education, amount of pay, difficulty, and personality. My idea of what I should be has changed constantly since I was about 7.

While trying to catch up on blogs, my Journalism teacher suggested that I create an assignment for his class as a blog grade. Not only did doing so help my grade, but it also opened my mind to other career choices.

For a while, I’ve been set on either an orthopedic surgeon or a prosthetics engineer. Of course income is a big factor, but so is my interest to help people. Most professions are based around either helping people or the community around you. Being a physiatrist has also been on the top of my list recently. Taking extra, high-level math and science classes will certainly aim me where I want to be, in the medical field. The careers that catch my attention are mostly based around income. Luckily, biology is an intriguing topic to me and with that comes a great amount of money made. I am aware of all of the hard work and dedication needed to excel in this field, and at the same time I realize that my love for traveling requires a large amount of financial stability.

It’s scary to think that you’ll have to decide on a career as early as eighteen, but what’s even scarier is how now, during high school, I will to have to start choosing classes pertaining the education I’ll need for a specific career field. As a sophomore, I do my best to take the highest level classes I can get into, with the hope that colleges will notice my effort. Enrolling in honors classes is not the only thing colleges watch for, but the grades in the classes themselves.

It’s intimidating to think that every homework I hand in and every project due can be a deciding factor of whether I pursue my dream job. Thankfully, I am determined to become a surgeon, so that pushes me to do my very best.

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