Reality TV at East Lyme

All your ELHS student body favorites as relaity TV stars

by: Sydney Dow


Consider junior Mason Robertson and sophomore Josie Provost to be your favorite Bachelor in Paradise couple. Bachelor in Paradise is an ABC series that documents couples and their extravagant dates. Although the couple may not be living on the beach somewhere in Mexico, they are making paradise out of East Lyme, CT. Robertson and Provost spend time together each day and the chemistry they share is remarkable.
“Seeing her for the first time at East Lyme’s carnival would be my favorite memory of us,” said Robertson.
Unlike the Bachelor’s increased rate of couples breaking up after just two weeks of dating, these two students are in it for the long haul due to the great passion they share.Getting married and becoming “high school sweethearts” is a goal of theirs.
See you in the halls Mason and Josie!


Sophomore Molly Yourell could fill the role of celebrity, Kylie Jenner, in the channel E! series, “Life of Kylie”. Because of her admiration and extensive experience in the fashion and cosmetic industry, she relates to Jenner on a deep level. In addition, they also share an obsession for their dogs. Yourell is constantly documenting her dog, Penny, on Snapchat and Instagram. Posts of Penny chewing sticks, or running through the woods fills her page. Similarly, Jenner publicizes her dogs, Norman, Bambi, Penny, hourly for her millions of fans. Aside from their love for their furry friends, they both love makeup. Yourell has been experimenting with make up for the past five years, and has loved every second of it. Her love of makeup collections on YouTube, turned into a passion for cosmetics. Over the years, Kylie’s love for makeup has been influential in Yourell’s daily makeup looks. They both have interests in growing/starting their own makeup brands; Kylie’s goal to create an empire out of, and Molly’s aspiration to create a line of “mollighters,”
Look out for the newest Yourell and Jenner releases because they will be flying off the shelves.
To see how Molly’s business grows, check her out on the next episode of Life of Kylie.


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