I Hope My Opinion Doesn’t Offend You

How to be less sensitive in a highly politically-correct world

Opinion of Joyce Lin

It happens more than it should. Teachers giving a disclaimer prior to any slightly controversial statement, saying that “it is only their opinion” and that it should in no way “influence a student’s beliefs.”
There’s absolutely no issue with that being aware of others’ opinions, but it made me think about the attitude of our society today. Most people are overly cautious and aware of topics that could potentially offend someone, and give a “trigger warning.” I believe that it is great that more and more individuals are become more caring and understanding but there is line between being politically correct and just being too sensitive.
There is no denying that the world we live in today and the political climate is much more sensitive than it used to be. People get caught up in what is politically and socially correct, and much of the time, are sheltered behind a wall, fearing to be labeled as something they’re  not.
According to a Farleigh Dickinson University survey, 68 percent of those polled said that they believe being “too politically correct” is a big problem our country is facing.
The problem with being too politically correct is that in doing so, we tend to overcomplicate concepts and issues. Yes, I am aware that the world is constantly changing and that more labels are being created. However, people still have to be both accurate and flexible with what is being addressed.
The only way that America can truly be “great again” is by listening and speaking up. I know that in classrooms, voicing your opinion and speaking up is highly encouraged. However, in the real world, people now have a harder time doing what is encouraged in the classroom; they are afraid to speak their mind and think that they’ll risk receiving negative feedback or other repercussions.
When you talk to someone, yes, try to be more understanding and empathize with why they hold a belief but do not keep your opinion to yourself out of fear of getting into a conflict. Lack of discussion of sensitive or controversial matters only allows people to see certain issues with a one-track mind. When people go too far with being politically correct, they miss out on so many different points of view.
Of course, I (and others) will not always completely agree with someone. In a time where free speech is under attack, be grateful of the opportunities you may have. You should not be afraid to express yourself, and on the other hand, you should not be afraid to listen to another side of the story. If you learn something, appreciate and share it.
The truth is, with anything you say, there is such a large chance of at least one person who will disagree and strike back with a counterargument.
And finally, I leave you with one more tip: be educated. It is okay to not fully understand something, but what matters is that you attempt to be informed to the best of your ability. Speak up and let others do the same.

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