Why Zeke Should Keep Fighting

Ezekiel Elliott has once again had his six game suspension activated for the third time this season. Elliot has managed to elude this suspension so far, but many would argue he should just give as he is bound to pay it at some point. In my opinion, he should keep fighting without a second’s hesitation.

Elliot was issued the suspension after allegations surfaced of domestic violence against a former girlfriend. The longer this stays in the news, the worse it looks for Elliot who is as a result repeatedly associated with domestic violence. It’s for this reason that many argue Elliot should just accept his suspension.

I believe the thing anyone in his shoes would do is to fight, if he is actually innocent. The NFL’s court doesn’t work like regular American courts in a couple of aspects. Roger Goodell, the commissioner, is essentially judge, jury, and executioner in all cases of this sort. However the NFL Player’s Union agreed to this in a collective bargaining agreement back in 2011.

The real problem is that the NFL does not employ innocent until proven guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt. The NFL usually gives out punishments, based on what was even slightly more likely to happen.

The NFL has once again made use of this policy, which is why Elliot has not been unequivocally declared guilty, and continues to proclaim innocence.

If you are innocent you should never sit down and take the punishment, Elliot’s options aren’t great, but continuing to fight is clearly the better one. Fighting for his innocence is well worth the association with domestic violence that comes now, than having to always live with the name of someone guilty of domestic violence.

If he is guilty he clearly should have taken his punishment a long time ago. But at his word, he is innocent, and in that case he should fight until the end.

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