Lonzo Ball is Coming

Washington Wizard’s point guard, John Wall, recently claimed to have been much more motivated to “torture” Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball. This verbal onslaught was said to have caused by remarks made by Ball’s father, Lavar. His whirlwind of comments dating back to last March, have led NBA analysts to quickly criticize Lavar Ball and the target he has put on his son’s back.

What they do not realize is that Lonzo’s dad, Lavar, seeks something greater for his son than just being a run-of-the-mill NBA player. His sights are set on things much bigger.

Lonzo is the first NBA player to have his own shoe brand out of college, his father has voiced expectations of surpassing the greatest point guard of all time, Magic Johnson, and that he is already better than two time MVP Steph Curry.

There is no doubt Lonzo has had a lot of resulting hype entering his rookie year, and without his father that hype would be non existent. Lonzo had a great college year, but there are great prospects every year.

Analysts argue that hype has put a target on Lonzo’s back, and they are right. But if Lonzo is what Lavar says he is, that shouldn’t be a problem. And so far, it hasn’t been a factor as the Lakers are beginning to return to their winning culture.

It may be early in the year, and despite Lonzo’s play being up and down, the stadium has been full since the start of the summer league to see how all of the hype behind this rookie will unfold.

Lavar obviously cares for his son and has the utmost confidence in him and that the heaps of pressure Lavar has put on his shoulders won’t break him. Similar pressure was put on Lebron when he referred to himself as ‘the chosen one’ and other talents who entered the NBA like Kobe Bryant. They became all time greats in the face of the pressure, why can’t Lonzo?

Lavar is doing his son a service: all eyes are on him. For some reading this that sounds daunting and terrifying, but for someone who wants to be greatest someday the pressure, attention, and hype will come one way or another.

All Lavar has done is give his son the means and tools to be among the greatest, now the ball is in Lonzo’s court to go out and get it. And after upsetting John Wall’s Washington Wizards, Lonzo seems to be well on his way.


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