Four Short Years

Reflecting on My High School Experience so Far

As a freshman, I sat in the auditorium with 279 others as we anticipated the newbie orientation. Principal Susi stood at the front, mic in hand, and warned us all of how the next four years would fly by. Back then I didn’t believe him… none of us did. How could four years of midterms, finals, and advanced math go by quickly? My 14 year old self had no idea what was to come, but was excited for this new and big adventure.

Four years later, I’ve done things I could have never imagined sitting in freshman orientation.

I’ve joined five clubs, became a camp counselor, raised thousands of dollar for charity, and became confident in my beliefs.

I’ve worn a prom dress, an inflatable green sumo costume, traditional Norwegian robes, a 1920’s flapper girl outfit, and a left-shark costume to school and I don’t regret a single event.

I’ve led football fan sections, became a hockey lover, gone to Canada, wrote articles with, and even talked to the CEO’s of Ivory Ella, all with people I know I will never forget.

My time is almost up, and I can only imagine what unprecedented events will come my way. However, to any freshman, sophomores, juniors, or even seniors, there is time to discover something new about yourself.

There are an unlimited amount of things to do at East Lyme High School, and it’s easy to find what you’re passionate about. But, you have to open up to new ideas, new possibilities, and especially new people.

So, to any underclassman who think high school will be incredibly dreadful: It’s all about what you do with those four years. Regardless of how you spend your time, make sure you are being your best self. Surround yourself with people who fill your heart with love and your mind with unforgettable memories.

I’ve said this so many times, and I’ll continue to say it until I have walked across the stage in June of 2018: High school is short, so make the most of those precious years you have, because it only happens once. As Jaggi Vasudev once said, “Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen”.

Go out and make your four short years incredible East Lyme.

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