The Voice of Music

As my sweater sleeves soak up all of my emotions, I feel the urge to share how much music means to me. Some people use it to block out math class, to exercise to, or to fall asleep to. For me, however, I hear certain songs in a whole different way. No matter the genre or speed, music has a way of forming my anxious brain into fluent solid thoughts.

I organize my thoughts into playlists. I have ones varying from car jams, room cleaning, to cry away. ‘8TEEN’ by Khalid is one of my favorites for car rides, it has such an upbeat bass which gives such a good mood to ride along to. ‘PRBLMS’ by 6lack is one of my favorites in my ‘room cleaning’ playlist. It’s a fast song which helps me clean my room fast without getting distracted. ‘All I Want’ by Kodaline is my all time favorite in ‘cry away’, it is played with mainly an acoustic guitar and piano. The slow and gentle lyrics really touch me. Each one of my playlists are filled with handpicked songs that I know will connect to me in each moment. Whether it’s to hype me up before games or help let out stress, the songs are chosen to have a message connecting with the moment.

Jealous by Labrinth plays now. I’ve found that talking doesn’t always work for getting feelings together and out of my head. I end up choking up on my words. With music I can keep everything inside while releasing the bad; in the form of tears.

Lots of people have their own way of letting their feelings out. If you haven’t yet, try music. It’s saved me in many situations, maybe it can save you too.

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