A Gal’s Guide to Homecoming

We’ve all been there. Not knowing if you should be anxious or excited for your freshman year homecoming dance.

You’ve heard the stories of illegal activities before, during, and after, as well as the proper attire for the dance, but now as the event looms closer and closer, you truly have no idea what to expect. So for my beloved freshman, here are some tips for the big night, through my own embarrassing stories.

#1: You CAN wear more than a tight black dress.

Yes yes, basically all girls wear various types of black cocktail dresses, but there is no dress code at Homecoming. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, not just what looks good. My freshman year I wore a cute, green, skater-ish dress, and it looked amazing on me(pictured above along with blogger Eliza). The dress however was one size too small. I ended up sitting in the commons for most of the dance because i couldn’t breathe. If you’re worried about what other kids will say about your dress, remember it’s YOUR homecoming just as it is theirs. I learned from my rookie mistake and the following homecoming, I wore a jumpsuit. It was cute, comfy, and I could dance without worrying if my dress was riding up. Shortly, yes you can wear more than what you see on everyone’s Instagram and promise you, you’ll have just as much fun.

#2: Bring extra shoes or socks

Let’s face it, no one truly like wearing heels, but how great they make our legs look. So if you plan on taking them off directly after pictures, please PLEASE bring extra footwear. Freshman year winter ball (yes these tips do apply to all dances) I had taken off my heels but forget my crocs. Thus I stepped on a piece of glass, and once again had to sit out the dance til I removed the glass from my big toe. As stated in tip numero uno, the most important thing is to be comfy. I personally recommend fluffy socks that match your dress or your favorite pair of crocs. While your friends feet are cramping, you’ll still be on the dance floor or not stepping on glass.

#3: Don’t grind if you don’t want to

In my experience, it’s awkward, uncomfortable, and just plain weird. Especially if you don’t know them, and while other people may be doing it, don’t feel pressured to. With that being said, if you do want to grind, go for it! Whether you ask him or he asks you, just make sure your having fun. Sing along to songs, look good, and have the time of your life because high school only happens once.

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