My Personal (and Amazing) Experience with FENTY Beauty

FENTY Beauty, without a doubt, had the most iconic makeup launch in history. Rihanna released 40 shades of foundation, more than any makeup company, and included under tones. Shades ranging from albino skin tones to deep

and dark colors, with undertones of warm, cool and neutral, it’s impossible to not find your perfect shade. As someone who is ridiculously pale, and an immense makeup lover, I’ve always had a hard time finding my perfect foundation. Something that won’t make me look orange, yet not pasty white, something that covers my acne, yet doesn’t clog my pores too much. So when I heard of this revolutionary new foundation line, I just had to try it out.    

Rihanna’s formula claims to be, “A soft matte, long-wear foundation with buildable, medium-to-full coverage”. With that description, I became even more excited as I need a buildable coverage. And with a brand name foundation of 32 ounces and a low price of $34, it’s hard not to pass up.

I walked into Sephora, and immediately went over to the makeover station to get shade matched. As she walked over to get the fondation, I became nervous. What if Rihanna didn’t have a super light foundation with cool undertones? What if it made me look orange? Alas, my fears were put aside when she lightly tapped shade 170 onto my skin. Within three seconds, I knew I had found my perfect foundation. Spontaneously, I bought the bottle, instead of a sample, and went to put it to the test.

The helper at Sephora recommended applying with a brush so the next day, I applied the foundation with a dense liquid foundation brush from Bare Minerals. I put a pump onto my hand, took my finger to dot the foundation on, and started to blend. Let me tell you. It was like melted butter poured on my skin, it was so smooth. After I finished blending, my blemishes were concealed, my skin completely even, and I was glowing even without highlighter. I finished my usual makeup routine by applying an eyebrow gel, a brown eyeliner along my lashline, and mascara. I wanted to test how long the fondation would last by itself, so without setting my face, I headed into school.

Throughout the day, I received so many compliments on how my skin looked airbrushed, and incredibly smooth. During lunch I checked on my makeup, and it looked the same from when I applied it. There was no creasing, no excessive oils, and it definitely wasn’t sliding off.  Smooth and glowy perfection remained. At the end of the school day, it was the same situation. With my usual foundation, all of it disappears before 2:10, so I was super impressed with the FENTY foundation.

The product was my shade, my preferred consistence, and lasted the whole day. If you’re thinking about buying the foundation, but think it’s “overrated”, let me tell you it’s worth the hype. Yes it’s Rihanna, yes it’s her first makeup launch, but these products were carefully thought out and executed perfectly. 40 shades for girls of every color. A lipgloss that is universal for every skin tone. In FENTY beauty, everyone is included. It’s much more than a makeup line, it’s a revolution.

*Featured Image was provided by Senior Kallie Porter*

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