The Traffic Situation

You know the light…


My everyday life has consisted of traffic for 20 minutes a day and I’m sick of it. Every morning since last September I wake up an extra 10 minutes early, which I should not have to do considering I live five minutes from the high school, and drive what should take me no time, only to get stuck in five to ten minutes of traffic along with every other person who takes Boston Post Road to get to school.
And don’t even get me started on rush hour. If I want to go back to my house without taking the long way and wasting gas, I end up waiting in 15 minutes of traffic that backs up all the way to Flanders four corners, with many other angry people who have places to be and are also sick of wasting time at a light every single day that only allows one lane of traffic per interval.
So what the heck is with this stupid, godforsaken light that everyone can commiserate about and remember a time when we took being able to travel freely with no pauses past Upper Pattagansett Road without a care?
It’s all for a small bridge that no one even knew existed. They have been working on probably the smallest bridge in existence since Sept. 2016. It was supposed to be done within a year, or so the town said, but it is now October and for all that we know, it could be another  year.
Every day as we sigh through traffic, the same construction people stand out there, directing cars and machinery, but I have seen no change within the past 13 months. The only change, which sometimes is the highlight of the sitting and waiting for the light to change to green so you can race through it, is the change in which lane they have you drive through. Sometimes there is that thrill of being able to drive on the opposite side of the road which keeps you from wanting to ram your car into the one in front.
Maybe the bridge was getting weak and needed to be fixed, but I didn’t realize we were repairing the Golden Gate bridge here. I know we are a top tourist town, but we don’t need all our bridges to be artistic masterpieces. We just want to drive on it.
We were told now it is supposed to be done by November from Mr. Nickerson, but it was supposed to be done half a year ago.
November, where are you? I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of waiting around in traffic.

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