The Best of Both Worlds

By: Lilly Moffett

One freshman shines on the stage and the football field

Stanley doing what he loves on the football field

 For as long as he can remember, freshman Spencer Stanley has been performing on stage. Whether it is singing or acting, he can do it all, and has a huge passion for theater. However, Stanley has also grown to love football, and manages to get the best of both  worlds.

“I get the same joy from performing as I do with playing football,” said Stanley, who has been playing since middle school.
“I think he has a bright future in the football program,” said freshman football coach Christopher Mountain. “He has some natural talent as an offensive and defensive lineman, and he is a natural leader on the  team.”

Although Stanley loves to plays football, he has even bigger dreams in the world of theater and hopes to make it to Broadway one day. On Oct. 1, he performed at 54 Below, a premiere off-Broadway venue in New York City, which Stanley describes as being “the home of broadway stars on their nights off.”
Stanley performed “Night Fever” with the Junior Fellows, an audition-only group based out of the Eugene O’Neill theater that allows him to work with a Broadway Musical director, experienced Broadway performers, and other talented teenagers.
“We worked day and night to put this awesome show together,” said Stanley. “It is my dream to one day be on Broadway and I am so excited to be so close at only 14 years  old.”

Stanley (left) posing with Brad Simmons, a Broadway music director, following his performance at 54 Below

Junior Chris Gregor also performed this show with Stanley and describes him as a great performer
and easy to work with.“Breaking that stereotype [football and theater] is something that needs to be done,” said Gregor.

While it can be difficult to deal with both the demands of the football season and preparing for performances, Stanley makes it work.
“Of course it is tough to manage both things but it is something I have dealt with my entire life, running from practice to rehearsal and game to performance. Both football and performing are vastly different, but they are in some ways the same,” said Stanley. “I feel I get the best of both worlds, and I hope I can inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and follow their  dreams.”

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